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Laser Gum Treatment in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL

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What Is Laser Gum Treatment?

The health of your gums is extremely important since problems such as periodontal disease can affect both your dental and general health if left untreated. At Weller Dental in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL, we utilize laser technology for laser-assisted periodontal therapy (LAPT) and laser bacterial reduction (LBR) to deal with a vast array of gum (periodontal) troubles, as well as to prevent periodontal disease from developing. Our state-of-the-art lasers also help dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller perform more effective treatment of periodontitis (the advanced stage of gum disease). Make an appointment with Dr. Weller to learn more about laser gum treatments at his offices in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL. With laser therapy, you can maintain and enhance your overall oral health without the significant downtime needed for more invasive procedures. 

What Is LAPT?

At Weller Dental, we utilize laser-assisted periodontal therapy in connection with scaling and root planing for the treatment of gum disease. This laser therapy will give better, long-lasting results and is an amazing breakthrough in periodontal treatments. A tiny laser fiber is inserted between the tooth and gum and it is used to vaporize bacteria, diseased tissue, pathologic proteins, and finishes debriding the pocket. It also aids in coagulation that allows for the pocket to heal effectively and the tissue to attach to the tooth. This procedure is fast, minimally invasive, will cause decreased discomfort after therapy, and allows most patients to continue on with their normal daily activity without interruption.

What Is LBR?

At every adult prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance, laser bacterial reduction therapy is offered to eliminate bacteria or bacterium in the mouth prior to your cleaning. The mouth is filled with countless bacteria, but this service helps to aid in keeping bacteria from entering the bloodstream, as well as decrease the passing of bacteria from one site in the mouth to others.  This is more of a whole body approach to preventative dentistry.  If you suffer from illness like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, auto immune diseases or just want to be more holistic in your approach to dentistry, Laser Bacterial Reduction should become part of your cleaning routine.  It takes you cleaning, allowing it to stay bacteria free longer and allows bacteria from entering your blood stream and affect other parts of your body. 

What Are the Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser gum treatment offers an advanced approach to periodontal therapy at Weller Dental, giving patients in Chicago, IL with a variety of perks over conventional techniques. Here are some essential advantages:

  • Less intrusive treatment prompts minimized tissue damage
  • Can treat issues like tooth sensitivity, gum disease, and a "gummy smile"
  • Patients usually experience swifter healing periods with not so great post-operative discomfort
  • Generally involves less pain than standard gum surgical treatment
  • Dexterity of the laser helps maintain more thriving tissue
  • Reduced risk of post-surgical infection due to the sanitizing effect of the laser

Am I A Candidate for Laser Gum Treatment?

There are many cases where a laser treatment of the gums might be performed. For periodontal disease, the laser may be employed to eliminate plaque and bacteria that is deep inside the pockets of your gums. Additionally, laser bacterial reduction can be beneficial in preventing periodontal disease from developing by diminishing bacteria from areas of the mouth. In comparison to conventional surgery on the gums, laser gum therapies tend to be less invasive and do not require sutures. You will also require little or no anesthesia during this treatment and have a shorter healing time.

How Is Laser Gum Treatment Performed?

Performed in our office, a laser gum treatment except LBR generally only needs local anesthesia. Laser Bacterial Reduction is completed without any anesthetic and is done as a preventative service. Nevertheless, additional sedation choices may be available depending on your specific needs and requests. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Weller will discuss precisely what you can expect throughout the procedure. The laser reduces the amount of downtime needed following the procedure and frequently omits the need for sutures.

What Can I Expect following Laser Gum Treatment?

Dr. Weller will provide you with home care instructions before you're allowed to leave our facility. As your mouth may be tender or swollen, you might choose to stick to a soft food or liquid diet for a couple of days. For periodontal disease therapy, you might need to make another appointment so Dr. Weller can evaluate your recovery and determine if a second treatment is required. If an additional condition is discovered, Dr. Weller will discuss your treatment choices and what to do next.

Is Laser Gum Treatment Covered by Insurance?

As soon as your laser gum treatment plan is made, a member of our financial team will talk with you about your estimated payment. Weller Dental takes lots of payments, including medical financing. For those who have insurance, we can get in touch with your provider to calculate your coverage and personal expenses.

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Laser Gum Treatment FAQs

How long should my gums take to recover?
The recovery length may change, depending on the progression of the initial gum disease progression. Usually, a typical healing window should look like anywhere between 2 — 4 weeks. You can expedite the healing process by eating a soft food diet to minimize irritation.

Does a laser gum treatment hurt?
Your provider at Weller Dental will employ a local anesthetic agent for the procedure. Depending on the gum's condition, Dr. Weller might utilize a slightly heavier sedative. The heavier anesthetic will keep you in a sedated state to maintain a pain-free treatment.

Is laser gum treatment effective?
Laser gum treatment is known to be largely effective. Anywhere from 80 – 85% of treated patients report pleasure with the treatment results. A constructive operation should decrease the overall pain and swelling.

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