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Digital X-Rays in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL

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Digital X-rays, a fundamental component of modern dentistry, play a pivotal role in enhancing your oral health. Whether you're in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL, Weller Dental is committed to providing the most comprehensive and advanced dental care possible.


Digital X-rays, also known as radiographs, are an integral part of your dental examination. They provide a detailed and in-depth view of your oral health. Dr. Jeffrey Weller, our experienced dentist, relies on these X-rays to detect concerns that may not be visible to the naked eye.

By revealing the inner workings of your teeth, jawbone, and gums, digital X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool. They enable us to identify various oral health conditions, such as decay, cavities, abscesses, cysts, bone loss, and impactions. Detecting these issues in their early stages opens the door to more effective and less invasive treatment options. In both our Chicago and Hinsdale offices, X-rays are a cornerstone of our dental exams, ensuring that Dr. Weller can provide accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs


For the majority of our patients, X-rays are a standard inclusion in your dental examination. Digital X-rays may be conducted as part of a preventive dental treatment plan or in response to concerns about oral discomfort. It's worth noting that digital X-rays emit significantly less radiation than traditional film X-rays, prioritizing your safety. While they are generally safe for all patients, we exercise extra caution with our female patients who are breastfeeding or may be pregnant. We recommend discussing your situation with Dr. Weller at the outset of your appointment to ensure your well-being.


Digital imaging is typically performed at the beginning of your dental exam and usually takes only 5 to 10 minutes. During your initial visit, most patients will receive a full series of X-rays to comprehensively cover all necessary areas. Once the X-rays are completed, they are promptly uploaded, allowing you and Dr. Weller to review and discuss any areas of concern and treatment options as needed.


Regular digital imaging is an essential part of your dental examination. For more comprehensive assessments, a full-mouth set may be taken, providing a more in-depth view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your digital images are securely stored with your oral health file at Weller Dental, enabling Dr. Weller to track trends and address emerging issues. A full series of digital images is typically taken every three years, with bitewing cavity-detecting X-rays updated every 12 months.


Typically, dental insurance covers the costs of digital imaging as part of a dental examination. Our office can work closely with your insurance provider to estimate any potential balances. If you have additional costs or are not using insurance, rest assured that Weller Dental accepts various payment methods and can provide information on financing options to ensure that your dental needs are met without undue financial strain




Digital X-rays are an advanced technology that empowers Dr. Weller to diagnose developing oral conditions before you experience pain or discomfort. To improve your oral health and take advantage of the benefits of digital X-rays, contact our team in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL, and schedule your dental examination with X-rays today. Our dedicated team is ready to provide exceptional care and tailored treatment options to keep your smile in the best possible condition.


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Digital X-Rays FAQ

Why should I choose digital dental x-rays over traditional ones?

Digital dental x-rays offer several benefits beyond just reduced exposure to radiation. They provide immediate results, are more comfortable for the patient, and deliver images of exceptionally high clarity. Such enhanced quality imaging helps dentists at Weller Dental more effectively explain oral health issues and treatment plans with their patients, thanks to a more detailed view than what was previously achievable.

Is it necessary to get digital x-rays at every dental visit?

Not usually. The standard protocol for patients at Weller Dental involves undergoing digital dental x-rays annually. However, certain oral health conditions or previous dental procedures might require more frequent x-rays to allow Dr. Weller to keep track of any changes in your oral health.

Are digital dental x-rays harmful due to radiation exposure?

While digital x-rays utilize a small amount of radiation, the quantity is significantly lower than harmful levels. Digital x-rays emit far less radiation than the conventional, film-based x-rays that might have been part of your earlier dental experiences.

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