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ICON White Spot Treatment in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL

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What is ICON White Spot Treatment?

There are important occasions and times in life where you may feel your looks are very important. For example, a new job, a wedding, or simply because you want to enhance your appearance. For many, the color or discoloration of your teeth can be a big cosmetic concern. Whiter teeth that are natural looking and without visible flaws can significantly improve your overall smile and positively impact your self-confidence. Weller Dental in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL is able to help you have a gorgeous smile with the help of ICON white spot treatments. ICON is a simple way to reduce white spot lesions (de-calcified areas of discoloration where a section of the tooth appears milky and whiter than the rest of the tooth). Highly recommended by top cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller, ICON uses resin infiltration to fill in de-calcified areas on the teeth that contribute to white spots. Through a few simple steps at one of our Weller Dental locations, you can receive a more even, brighter smile with ICON white spot treatment. To learn more, contact one of our facilities today to schedule your consultation.

What are the benefits of ICON White Spot Treatment?

Our Chicago, IL patients who struggle with white spots, or weakened enamel, on their teeth can benefit from ICON white spot treatment at Weller Dental in a number of ways, including:

  • Halts the progression of tooth and enamel decay
  • Stops progressive erosion without damaging the healthy teeth
  • Noninvasive technology that does not drill or compromise the healthy tissues
  • Improves your teeth function and aesthetic

Am I a candidate for ICON White Spot Treatment?

A good candidate for an ICON white spot treatment is someone who shows signs of white spot lesions on the teeth. These lesions are caused by the tooth decay process in which plaque has accumulated on the front of the tooth. They typically appear around the gumline of the tooth and one of the most common causes is from orthodontic brackets that are necessary for the placement of dental braces. Since it is difficult to clean around the brackets, plaque may begin to build up, causing the white spot lesions to occur after the brackets are removed. Other causes for white spot lesions can include fluorosis, trauma, and demineralization. Prior to receiving an ICON white spot treatment, patients will have a consultation with Dr. Weller so that he can help to determine the cause of the lesions and evaluate whether or not the patient is a candidate. 

How IS ICON White Spot Treatment Performed?

ICON white spot treatment is performed comfortably in our dental office and does not require anesthesia or drilling. It is a treatment that does not cause patients pain and can produce gorgeous, even outcomes. Prior to the treatment, the teeth will be cleaned and polished. Then the lesions will be gently etched to remove the outer layer plaque that has built up on the enamel. The goal during this process is to have an even, smooth enamel surface. Dr. Weller will next apply the drying agent and the resin infiltrate before using a light to cure the material. This process may be repeated as necessary until an even, white appearance has been achieved.  The teeth may also be polished once more for a pearly white effect. Throughout the treatment process, Dr. Weller or a member of his dental team will be able to answer any questions you may have.  We often will whiten prior to treatment to get very best coloration from tooth, this is done about 2-3 weeks prior to Icon Treatment

What Should I Expect Following ICON White Spot Treatment?

After your treatment session, you might experience sensitivity to cold or hot food and beverages, but this typically dissipates within a few days. Just like all dental procedures, routine dental examinations by Dr. Weller are important in preserving your results. These examinations will assess the entire mouth from gum tissue health as well as evaluate the condition of each tooth. When the main treatment is completed, we generally suggest returning for touch-ups a few times annually, in addition to regular on-going cleanings throughout the year that will benefit your dental well-being. You'll also be provided with careful instructions regarding what food should be temporarily avoided immediately after treatment.

Patients with discolored teeth due to uneven white spots love their outcome after this treatment. When the process is complete and they see the results for the first time in the mirror, we love to see our patients smile, knowing they no longer have to worry or be self-conscious when smiling. Thanks to our professional and experienced dental staff and the state-of-the-art ICON white spot treatment, our patients can achieve a beautiful smile that is whiter, brighter, and natural looking. 

Can I use my insurance For White Spot Treatment?

Most cosmetic dental procedures are seen as optional and are typically not covered by dental insurance. However, our experienced billing staff can assess your dental coverage to determine whether any part of your dental appointment is covered by your dental insurance to reduce the price of your appointment. If you don't carry dental insurance, then we'll be delighted to talk with you regarding our payment options in addition to the possibility of helping you receive low-interest medical financing.

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ICON White Spot Treatment FAQ

What causes white spots on the teeth?
One of the most common causes of white spots is dental fluorosis. This occurs when too much fluoride is consumed. In most cases, this happens during childhood.

How long do results last?
Results from ICON white spot treatment can last for anywhere from two months to years. It is important that you continue to receive routine dental care. Additionally, you should stick to a proper at-home oral health routine for optimal results.

Are results permanent?
The outcome of ICON white spot treatment can be long-lasting but may not be permanent. However, touch-up treatments can be provided in order to help you better maintain your results. Dr. Weller can provide an appropriate treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired results.

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White spot lesions can make you feel embarrassed or insecure about the appearance of your smile. However, with ICON white spot treatment at Weller Dental, Dr. Weller can treat white spot lesions and leave you with a more aesthetically appealing smile. Contact our Chicago or Hinsdale, IL location today to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation. 

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