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Scaling and Root Planing in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL

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About Scaling and Root Planing

If you've developed signs of periodontal (gum) disease, a normal cleaning may not be adequate enough. The first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, is commonly corrected with scaling and root planing (SRP). This is a procedure performed by our dental professionals to help eliminate gingivitis by removing built-up tartar and plaque from below the gumline. With specific instruments, a scaling and root planing treatment at Weller Dental cleans the gum pockets, then smoothes the surface of your teeth to avoid further buildup. Scaling and root planing is a procedure that does not cause discomfort to the patient. It is a deeper, more thorough gum treatment that focuses on the gums and teeth to help ward off periodontal disease and improve the condition of the gums. Performed right inside our treatment room, many patients undergo this treatment for both preventive measures as well as treating the periodontal condition if one has been diagnosed. If you're worried about your gums, find out more about SRP treatments at Weller Dental in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL.

What is Full Mouth Debridement

Full mouth debridements are necessary when a patient has been absent from the dentist for a period of time, and thus Dr. Weller and his team are unable to properly access true periodontal pocket depths and the gumlines for cavities. Full mouth debridement is an above-the-gumline treatment, and it is a diagnosis-based cleaning to properly access the teeth and gums. This initial removal of plaque and hardened tartar above the gums allows for a more thorough evaluation of the teeth and a more accurate assessment of the patient's gum health. Patients may require additional treatments of the gums, but without this procedure, we are unable to identify those needs.

What Are the Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing?

At Weller Dental in Chicago, IL, scaling and root planing is a key oral procedure that not only combats periodontal disease but also nurtures overall oral wellness. The advantages include:

  • Directly addresses periodontal problems by eliminating bacterial film and tartar
  • Cuts down on the threat of periodontal disease progression
  • Helps prevent tooth loss and jawbone atrophy
  • Scrapes away tartar and enhances the look of the teeth
  • May relieve offensive breath from gum disease
  • May help lessen tooth sensitivity to cold and hot items
  • Helps defend against periodontal issues, such as cardiac disease and diabetes

am I a Candidate?

At your dental examination, Dr. Weller will measure how deep your gum pockets are. In the event your gum pockets, also called sulcus, are more than three millimeters, then a scaling and root planing therapy might be recommended. SRP will help to decrease the size of the gum pockets so bacteria and plaque can't accumulate in this region, which contributes to the initial phase of periodontal disease (gingivitis). A number of the early signs of gingivitis are chronic bad breath, in addition to gums that bleed easily, are tender, swollen, look red, or are starting to recede. When gingivitis is discovered in the early stages, one or more scaling and root planing procedures can eliminate signs, but when periodontal disease has reached later phases (regular or advanced periodontitis), then you might need more comprehensive procedures.

What Can I expect?

SRP is a deep gum treatment that is performed in our office. Dr. Weller's hygiene team will utilize a scaling instrument to clean the tartar and plaque below the gum line. They will subsequently plane or smooth the surface of the enamel to decrease the amount of regions where tartar and plaque may get caught to avoid future problems. After this process, the teeth are polished and rinsed for a healthy, glowing smile. Scaling and root planing does not cause discomfort and we perform this treatment on many patients throughout the year. We often recommend it to patients as a preventive measure to keep their gums and teeth healthy year round.

What is the Follow Up?

Following your SRP treatment, you might notice some tooth and gum sensitivity, but this goes away within a few hours. This gum treatment is a great start for our patients as they continue to adhere to a good oral hygiene regimen at home. Daily flossing and brushing will help keep the gums and teeth healthy and clean. At Weller Dental we encourage biannual dental examinations so that Dr. Weller can evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, as well as more frequent regular visits to have your teeth cleaned.

Based on the periodontal screening and evaluation of your current x-rays we will continue to diagnose whether or not periodontal disease is present and what treatment would subsequently be needed outside of scaling and root planing.

Can I Use My Insurance?

SRP is a very common procedure for treating gum disease that's normally paid for in part by dental insurance. A member of our financial team will get in touch with your provider to ascertain your policy and individual expenses. If you don't have dental insurance, then Weller Dental takes several payments, including low-interest financing, which may be talked about in your appointment.

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Scaling and Root Planing FAQ

Does scaling and root planing hurt?
During the scaling and root planing process, local anesthesia will be used to numb the area being treated. This means that you should have little discomfort during the treatment. Most patients don’t report any pain during this deep cleaning.

Do periodontal pockets heal after scaling and root planing?
Yes, they do. However, in severe cases where periodontal pockets don’t heal, surgery may be needed to remove the inflamed tissue. This prevents the gum infection from progressing further.

What should I avoid doing after scaling and root planing treatment?
Avoid eating any hot or spicy foods until your gums have healed. Also, do not smoke or have alcoholic beverages for at least 72 hours after your scaling and root planing procedure.

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Gingivitis may become dangerous and painful for your health, so if you're experiencing signs, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Weller at his office in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL. The first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, is typically corrected using a very simple SRP process at Weller Dental. Please contact us to make an appointment or to receive more details.

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