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Laser Gum Contouring in Chicago, IL

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What is Gum Contouring?

The soft tissue (gum) is the frame for beautiful teeth. If the soft tissue frame is not shaped properly or covers too much of the teeth you will not have the beautiful smile you desire. If your smile looks "gummy" this is often the result of too much of your tooth being covered by excessive gum tissue. Soft tissue (gum) contouring allows our dentists to reshape the soft tissue with a special laser in one visit. At Weller Dental, gum contouring will improve your smile by eliminating the extra soft tissue and showing more of your teeth. Also referred to as "gum sculpting", this can not only create a more attractive smile, but it could also improve your dental and periodontal health by eliminating places where bacteria often accumulates. This reduces your risk of developing periodontal disease, cavities, and infections. If you are showing more gum than teeth and ready to transform your teeth so they appear longer and slender, we invite you to make an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller at our office in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL to get more information about gum contouring and sculpting.

am I a Candidate for Contourin

Sculpting the gums may give you a more attractive smile while also helping to improve your oral health. You could be a good candidate for gum contouring and sculpting if you would like to enhance your smile by treating a “gummy” look. When your gums are low, gum sculpting can help create a higher, more even gum line. This treatment is also ideal if you have a tooth that appears smaller than other teeth in  your smile line

A few common conditions that detract from the teeth are:

  • Unsymmetrical gum tissue
  • Misshapen contours around the teeth
  • Bulky or too much gum making the teeth look short (”The Gummy Smile”)

If you have a smile that bothers you because of the gums alone, laser gum soft tissue contouring may be the appropriate treatment for you. 

What Can I expect?

Gum sculpting or contouring is performed in our office using a numbing agent so that our patients are comfortable during the treatment. To prepare you for the treatment, your gums and teeth will be professionally cleaned and dried. Dr. Weller will then use a special laser to eliminate excess gum tissue and sculpt a beautiful, balanced gumline. The laser removes the soft tissue while minimalizing disruption to nearby tissue throughout the process. The laser is very targeted and safe and under the experienced hands of Dr. Weller, will reshape your soft tissue in a safe and healthy manner. Once your gums are sculpted, Dr. Weller will rinse your teeth and gums so you can enjoy your results. Generally, gum sculpting can be accomplished with just one easy appointment.

What is the Follow Up?

Once your procedure is complete, Dr. Weller will explain proper home care instructions and a protocol to follow so that your gums heal effectively. Your gums might be slightly irritated for up to a few days; however, if you follow a good oral care routine at home of daily flossing and brushing, your gum tissue will soon return to normal. Our patients love the outcomes this cosmetic treatment delivers because the results, while subtle, can dramatically improve one's smile. 

Can I Use my Insurance?

Gum contouring is considered a cosmetic procedure, so it isn't generally covered by dental insurance policies. However, if periodontal disease is the result of excessive gum tissue, some providers may cover a portion of the expense.  At Weller Dental, we will consult with your insurance company and discuss fees, coverage, and various payment options that may be available to you. 

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Contouring your gums at Weller Dental is a popular treatment for several reasons — it will improve the appearance of your smile and it can reduce your chances of getting an oral infection. If you would like to see a more beautiful smile or have better oral health, gum sculpting might be a great treatment for you. To get more information about this treatment, contact our office in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL to make your appointment with Dr. Weller.

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