Trauma leads to Dental Implant Crowns, Chicago's Dentist makes me smile again!*

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Patient fell in her home and chipped her front three teeth. We did some bonding initially but #9 was fractured all the way up the root. Patient lost tooth #9 it was extracted, and a dental implant was placed. After 3 months of healing we restored the tooth next to it with a Porcelain crown due to its trauma and did an Implant crown over a custom abutment on tooth #9 the result was just beautiful. Placement and Implant Crown were perfect. The tooth #7 was great with Teeth bonding and patient was excited for this. Patient cried and Thanked Dr. Weller for making everything right again after a terrible day this past summer.

Before and After Smile

Before Smile

After Smile

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Before Close Up

After Close Up

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