Porcelain Veneers repaired my Chipped teeth in Chicago,IL*

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Patient had teeth that were wearing and chipping. She had whitened her teeth and was never happy with the end results. She was on stage and wanted a smile that complimented her career in dance. She asked Dr. Weller for a whiter, broader smile that she could feel proud of and make her dazzle on stage. We placed porcelian veneers in Chicago on her upper 8 teeth and lower 6 teeth with some laser contouring of the gum to hide and improve some teeth that appeared very pointy in gum line from recession. She was a grinder so we placed her in a dental Night guard at the end to protect her investment. She was happy she referred several other dancers from her company for smile makeovers.

Before and After Full Face

Before Full Face

After Full Face

Before and After Smile

Before Smile

After Smile

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