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Hinsdale cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Weller talks about Porcelain Veneers

Hinsdale Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller provides Adult Comprehensive Dentistry in his Hinsdale dental practice. Weller Dental is your first choice for a Hinsdale cosmetic dentist and natural-looking porcelain veneers. With state-of-the-art equipment, years of experience, and up-to-date training, Dr Weller can provide you with the latest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, and Dental Implants.

Porcelain Veneers in Hinsdale

Speaker 1: Dr. Jeffrey Weller is the guy that has perfected cosmetic dentistry. He not only embodies it and envisions it, but he builds it and he dreams it for you.

Speaker 2: Tina and Jeff were wonderful, they made me feel so comfortable from the minute I walked in to the minute I left.

Dr. Jody Weller: If I could describe Jeff's practice in three words, it's kind, artistic, and top-notch.

Dr. Jeff Weller: I think smile is one of the most important things. I think when you meet somebody, somebody looks at you and looks you in the eye and you're talking to somebody, I think your smile shows who you are, what you're about. Hi, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Weller. I'm a general dentist. My focus in dentistry is cosmetic and full-mouth rehabilitation for adults. I have been practicing since 1986, and recently opened up my second location here in Hinsdale. The difference between my practice and most general dentists that you may see is that we look at things very comprehensively. Your first appointment, you come in, we're not going to necessarily treat you with a procedure. We want to evaluate everything that's going on, everything that's happening to your teeth, your smile. And we want to meet you. We want to see what you're looking for. I think one of the most important things I found when I bring new patients into my practice is that I want to build a great relationship with them. That relation starts with us communicating, communicating what you're looking for, communicating to you who I am and what I can do for you. I'm a complete doctor. I'm trying to take care of everything in your mouth so that as time goes on, you're a healthier person.

Tina Weller: Hi, I'm Tina Weller. I'm the Treatment Coordinator for Weller Dental and Whitening Centers in Hinsdale, and in downtown Chicago, and I'm also Dr. Jeffrey Weller's wife. I'm the first person you meet when you come into the practice. I'll greet you with a handshake and a warm smile and I hope that every one of your visits here makes you feel that much for comfortable. At Weller Dental we really pride ourselves on customer service and giving you an exceptional product. The best thing I have ever heard about Dr. Jeff is that he's an artist. A lot of people have referred to him as Michelangelo, which I think is always fun. Being a dentist, I don't think he ever thought somebody would refer to him like that. But most importantly, I find that people find him caring and honest.

Dr. Jody Weller: My name is Dr. Jody Weller. I am a dentist. I am Jeff's sister. A few things that set Jeff apart from other dentists, he is very articulate with what he does. He's very knowledgeable. He has done several really hard cases and really cares about the patient, wants the patient to be happy. Doesn't want to make him just happy. He wants the patient to be happy. The patient is number one.

Speaker 2: He really knows his craft, and he's very confident and he's very capable. I felt like he really did zero-in on all of my concerns and the outcome. We really worked as a team and I really like that.

Speaker 1: I would recommend Dr. Weller to anyone that I talk to, because he knows what he's doing. He goes above and beyond for his clients and his patients. He will not lead you astray. He will make your smile and your dental hygiene exactly what it needs to be, what you were looking for all your life.

Speaker 2: I'm very happy with my smile and just look forward to sharing this with others. It really is a good feeling.

Dr. Jeff Weller: I look at patients very comprehensively because I've seen in the years that I've practiced that the different things that most general dentists don't look at, are what really affect you long term. Things with your bite. Periodontal condition are a condition of your gums, how that affects your mouth, 10, 20 years down the line. Those conditions put together, overall can affect you health wise, can affect your heart, can affect things such as diabetes. So we want to take a complete approach, look at every aspect of your mouth. We want to look at the health. We want to look at the function. We want to look at your comfort. We also want to look at how you feel about your smile, how you feel about your teeth. There are things that we could do to make you a happier person by giving you a smile maybe that you wanted but never knew you could achieve. You don't know how many times that people come in to me and we'll go through medical consultations maybe, or meetings in regards to what we're going to do for them. After we finish them, they're kicking themselves saying, "Why didn't we do this sooner? How come I didn't do this when I was younger? I could have enjoyed it for longer. Why did I wait so long?" That's part of my job is to educate them, to let them know, this is something you could do now. This is something that's going to be long-lasting. This is something that's going to be strong. This is something that's going to make you chew better, or make you more comfortable, get you out of pain. That's what we're trying to do, we're trying to help. If you're looking for a smile, I'm here to help.