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Porcelain Veneers in Chicago

Speaker 1: So, I was smirking, like, Oh, I got to learn how to smile again. Because I was so self-conscious of not smiling or be careful not to smile. Is that weird? Learn to smile again. Dr. Weller is a craftsman.

Speaker 2: Well, first of all, you can't help but smile when you're with him.

Dr. Weller: How you doing?

Speaker 2: Hey Doc.

Dr. Weller: Good to see you.

Speaker 2: What's up? How are you?

Dr. Weller: Welcome back to Chicago.

Speaker 3: A smile, a true smile is worth more than the ice. It shows you're happy. That you're reaching out to the world.

Speaker 4: I think that the smile and your eyes are the gateway to your whole personality.

Speaker 2: I come in contact with so many people on a daily basis, that I didn't want it to be very obvious that I had something done.

Speaker 1: The best referral is probably the person who makes the veneers is actually having his teeth done by Dr. Weller. You can't get a better recommendation than that.

Speaker 2: Everybody here, they know who you are. And when you walk through the door, it's not because your name is on a sheet of paper.

Speaker 4: I was terribly concerned that people would say oh, Karen has great new veneers. So, I think that many people unfortunately have gone for an overdone look.

Speaker 3: He did not over do it, as much as I pushed him. Can't you make this one a little bigger? No. He's like okay, this is good for you.

Speaker 1: He can go on, and on, and on about the details of dentistry.

Dr. Jeff Weller: It's a feldspathic porcelain veneer. It's actually a powder and liquid that has a bait.

Speaker 1: You want them to have that kind of enthusiasm about their craft.

Dr. Jeff Weller: And we get to try this out in their mouth. So now they get to go home with this beautiful temporary.

Speaker 4: There are many people who may be able to do this work technically. It requires along with the technical skill, a very good aesthetic eye.

Speaker 2: And, I actually fly back and forth to see Jeff. There's a few dentists in Los Vegas too. They do the same type of work but, it's never gonna be an option. As long as I have teeth, I'll be in this office.

Dr. Jeff Weller: The customer's the most important thing to me. My patients are the most important thing to me.

Speaker 1: See Dr. Weller, learn how to smile again.

Dr. Jeff Weller: It's unusual in a dental office to have someone come in and leave smiling. But in my office, it happens every day, and I'm very proud of that.