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Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller

Chicago cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Weller talks about porcelain veneers and dental services available at his Gold Coast Chicago office.

Chicago Dentist Dr. Weller

Dr. Jeff Weller: Hi, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Weller. I'm the founder of Weller Aesthetic and Implant Dental Care. I started my practice here in Chicago about 22 years ago. Our business is teeth, but our real business is people. You know, one of the reasons we're here today, Gibsons Restaurant, is this woman right here. We've known Kathy for 15 years, and Gibsons is one of the premier dining establishments in Chicago. I used to sit here 15 years ago and see how she took care of her clients. It kind of molded some of our ideas and things based on this restaurant.

Tina Weller: We see what you do.

Dr. Jeff Weller: We see what she does.

Kathy: Thank you Tina. Thanks Jeff.

Dr. Jeff Weller: What this woman does. She's an inspiration to us.

Kathy: Going into Jeff and Tina's office is not like going into a dental office. It's a spa-like atmosphere, and it's very comfortable. The colors in the room are very warm and mellow, and it makes you feel mellow.

Dr. Jeff Weller: Sometimes we come in here and there are 10, 15 patients of mine in here.

Kathy: You can see Dr. Weller when people smile.

Dr. Jeff Weller: I didn't want to just be a dentist. Helping these patients achieve their best, that's the most rewarding thing to me. Tina's involved in the office. My treatment coordinator.

Tina Weller: I make the patients feel easy about the experience. Do they want to watch a movie? Do they want to listen to music? I hold their hand through the procedure if they want me to. Whatever is going to make them feel at ease is what I'm about. I used to be afraid of the dentist and then I married a dentist, so how ironic was that.

Dr. Jeff Weller: We do veneers for numerous reasons, to make teeth healthier, to make teeth stronger. When we're done we fix those problems, they look beautiful. A trademark of mine is also professional honesty. What is good for a patient, not because I want to do it, but because what's good for that individual patient? What's important to me is that I'm able to be proud of every single person that walks out of my office, and that they feel good about it. That's the best part of my life, to be able to enjoy it with my wife, and my kids. When I go home at night my five-year old son Nicholas says to me “Did you make someone smile today?” And I said “You bet I did.”