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What Dental Implants Can Do For You...

What Dental Implants Can Do For You

Tooth loss is not an uncommon occurrence. 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth while 35 million are missing all of their teeth. You are not alone in experiencing tooth loss. Don’t worry, we have solutions for you!


Dental Implants are Similar to Natural Teeth

As a tooth replacement option, dental implants have more advantages than other treatments. They get their name because an artificial tooth root is “implanted” into the jawbone and then covered by a tooth replacement. Implants are the only option for tooth replacement that uses an artificial root and functions very similar to natural teeth.

Benefits of Choosing Implants


You should consider these five things when choosing between dental implants and other tooth replacement options:

#1: Dental implants are not only convenient, but long-lasting too!

There’s no need to take out implants to clean or eat, unlike dentures. You won’t have to reapply with an adhesive either.  Implants are a permanent solution to the loss of a tooth. If properly taken care of, they can last a lifetime.  We help make the right type of dental implants for your particular mouth and help plan best placement.

#2: Implants function and feel natural while looking good too! 

It’s hard to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant. With the implant functioning like a real tooth too, you are able to eat your favorite foods and bit without hesitation! Dental implants don’t even affect your speech, like some replacement options may do.

#3: Oral hygiene isn’t affected by dental implants.

Taking care of your teeth is business as usual. Flossing and brushing daily is not complicated by having a dental implant. Maintaining your smile is as easy as ever!

#4: Bone deterioration and loss is prevented using an implant.

The jawbone begins to deteriorate after losing a tooth. This causes the face to look sunken in as time goes on. The artificial tooth root stimulates the jawbone and supports bone growth. The natural face shape and jaw can be maintained.

#5: Your natural teeth are unaffected.

With other treatments, such as a dental bridge, it is required to grind down natural teeth to be able to support the bridge. With implants, all your beautiful teeth stay unaltered.

Tooth Loss Doesn’t Have to Stop You from Smiling


Losing teeth doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy and beautiful smile. If you have experienced tooth loss, give us a call today! We can discuss what tooth replacement options will be the best for you!

Keeping our patients smiling is worth it!

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