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How to Make Oral Health Fun for Teens

How to Make Oral Health Fun for Teens

Some parents express how hard it can be to get their teenagers to develop good oral hygiene habits. Teenagers tend to eat junk food and consume soda while sometimes being less than diligent with their daily flossing and brushing.

It is very important to instill a good oral hygiene routine in teens, even if it is tough. For teens of this day in age, making oral hygiene fun may lay in technology! 

Technology and Oral Health May Interest Your Teen

You can get your teenager interested in good oral hygiene habits by introducing these products into their routine!

  • Oral Irrigator: This water flosser can be fun to use because it is quicker than flossing the regular way. Even teenagers can get interested in the idea of power washing their teeth!
  • Shower Flosser: This gadget is an oral irrigator that attaches to your shower head for a more convenient way to floss your teeth!
  • Power Flosser: With 10,000 strokes per minute, this flosser uses a nylon tip to get in between your teeth in a fun and fast way!
  • Air Flosser: By shooting out air and water, this flosser gets rid of plaque and debris from between your teeth while providing a quick way to floss those teeth!
  • Natural Sweetners: A non-sugar sweetener, like Xylitol, can be found in snacks and candy. It tastes good and helps prevent plaque build up and cavities! According to research, xylitol acts as a barrier to bacteria, preventing tooth decay and keeping the pH level in the mouth neutral. This non-sugar sweetener can be found in gum and mints and is great for after you eat!

Form Good Habits From The Start

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common and chronic disease in the younger generation (ages five to seventeen) is dental decay. If you teach good oral hygiene habits at a younger age, it becomes easier to get your teenagers to understand the importance of oral health.

Partners in Advocating for Oral Health

As your dental professionals whom you trust, we are your partners in keeping up with oral health in the family. We want to advocate for better oral hygiene in children and teenagers so that you and your family stay healthy and happy!

Thanks for trusting us to care for your family’s dental needs!

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