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How Long Can ICON White Spot Treatment Results Last?

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There are many people who have white spots on their teeth. These are white or milky spots of weakened enamel. This issue can lower the overall appearance of your smile. However, ICON white spot treatment can help you address this issue and enhance your smile while also helping your dental health. Dr. Jeffrey A. Weller and Dr.Ayesha Sultan can help you determine if this is a good course of treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with Weller Dental in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL today.


What is ICON white spot treatment?


ICON white spot treatment is a therapy designed to reduce the appearance of white spot lesions. These are areas of de-calcified discoloration on your teeth. This can leave you with white, even-looking teeth to give you a smile you can love. There are numerous benefits to this procedure, including:

  • Stopping tooth and enamel decay
  • Noninvasive and virtually pain-free procedure
  • Improves White Spot appearance by  35 to 85%
  • More aesthetic appearance
  • Stops erosion without harming your teeth.


Dr. Weller and Dr. Sultan can help you decide if this is a treatment you might want to help enhance your smile. ICON white spot treatment is ideal for those who show signs of white spot lesions.  It is the least expensive treatment to try to improve the white spot appearance in dentistry today. 


How does ICON white spot treatment work?


ICON white spot treatments are done in the office without invasive procedures such as drilling. This is a virtually pain-free treatment designed to give you an even and beautiful smile. The first step of this treatment is cleaning and polishing your teeth. The white spot lesions on your teeth will then be gently removed by etching the outer layer of plaque. This is to create an even and smooth surface on your enamel. Finally, a drying agent and resin infiltrate will be applied and cured with a light. This can be repeated as needed to get the most white and even smile possible. Dr. Weller can work to make your smile one you can show off.


What should I know about ICON white spot treatment?


ICON white spot treatment can last for years. However, you may need maintenance treatments to extend this time. We usually will discuss Teeth Whitening before hand for best results.  After your treatment, your teeth might feel sensitive to hot and cold items ; however, this should subside within a few days. To keep your results looking great, it is important to make sure that you follow all instructions given by Dr. Weller. You should also attend routine dental exams with Dr. Weller so that he can continue monitoring your results. Touch-ups can be done a few times a year to keep your teeth looking optimal. You may need to avoid certain foods and beverages following this procedure, but Dr. Weller will give you these instructions and any others you might need.


Get ICON white spot treatment in Chicago


ICON white spot treatment is a great way to even out the overall appearance of your teeth to give you a beautiful smile. This treatment can last for two years and is an ideal noninvasive treatment option if you suffer from white spot lesions. Dr. Jeffrey A. Weller can help you create a smile that you love to show off. Contact Weller Dental in Chicago or Hinsdale, IL today for a full consultation on the overall state of your oral and dental health.

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