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Causes of Stained Teeth

Causes of Stained Teeth

We brush our teeth every morning and evening in order to obtain that dazzling white smile. The biggest factor in whether we achieve the perfect white smile has to do with what we eat and drink throughout the day.

We can divide the causes of tooth discoloration into three categories: discoloration related to age, intrinsic, and extrinsic. We will discuss how each of these influences your teeth as well as how you can keep your smile healthy and bright.

What You Drink and Eat Contributes to Surface Staining

Extrinsic discoloration of the teeth happens when the outermost layer of the tooth, or the enamel, becomes stained. Chemical factors such as pigments and acidic content are present in the things we consume. These factors produce stains on our teeth.

Some examples include:

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Sports drinks
  • Coffee
  • Berries
  • Hard Candy
  • Wine
  • Tea
  • Cola

While these things do not cause immediate effects to the color of your teeth, they do wear away and stick to the enamel over time, causing staining. It is a good idea to enjoy these types of items in moderation. Drinking lots of water and brushing after eating helps as well.

Trauma Can Cause Tooth Discoloration 

Discolored teeth can occur intrinsically and begins with the dentin, or inner structure of the tooth, which can darken or develop a yellow tint. Trauma to the teeth can cause this discoloration. In childhood, trauma on a tooth can affect the permanent tooth underneath it, leading to tooth discoloration. If this happens in adulthood, the discoloration can be caused by internal bleeding.

Additional causes include using certain medications or having dentinogenesis imperfecta, a rare condition that causes purple, gray, or amber discolorations. Stop by to see us and we can help answer any questions you may have about intrinsic discoloration.


Your Smile Can Discolor With Age

Discoloration that occurs when you age is caused by both internal and external factors. Dentin in our teeth yellows naturally over time. The enamel coating of our teeth thins, letting the yellow dentin show through. Eating or drinking certain things that cause discoloration as we continue to age as well as smoking cigarettes will cause stains on the surface of the enamel.


We Are Here to Help Make Your Smile Bright

We are aware of the importance of your bright and healthy smiles. Every smile is different and we will give you a personalized solution for your oral health needs. If you are wondering about what you can do for your smile, let us know! Comment below or call to make an appointment!

We appreciate your role in our practice family!

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